Bestie (Dog Friend) Personalized Rocket Bug Silky Knotted Baby Gown for Boys & Girls

  • $25.00

The sleeper features your personalized name printed in our Lush font. All names are printed with white vinyl, except for Silky Off White, which is printed with black vinyl.

This comfy sleeper is perfect for bedtime! Lightweight but warm, the garment is made from a silky, soft material. This sleeper is convenient for diaper changes as it doesn't have to be unbuttoned or unzipped. The knot easily unties so that diaper changes are quick and easy. The knot is also a favorite because it can be adjusted for baby's comfort and size, and gives them plenty of room to wiggle their legs without exposing them to the cold. Because the knot is adjustable, this sleeper lasts longer as your little one grows!

This garment is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex.

Newborn Length: 30"

0-3 Months Length: 33"